Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Highlands Coast Half Sim Surround & off-sim Edge Environment

I've just added two new editions of the Highlands Coast landscape to my collection: a half sim surround edition and a sim edge edition.

You can also select palm trees by using the HUD

The half sim surround is 4 sims wide, and can be placed along one or several combined sims. With a few copies you can surround almost any combination of sims. The Edge environment is one sim wide, and therefore fits on smaller parcels.

The Highlands Coast Half sim surround with HUD. Animated waterfalls are an important feature

Both come in two designs and baked textures of four seasons (with normal maps, advanced lighting!), like most other version 6.0 landscapes.

The baked Autumn texture set

Winter is just a few clicks away

Hebrides Half Sim Surround & off-sim Edge Environment

Up to now the only designs available of the version 6.0 landscapes were complete single-sim landscapes (meant for single island regions) and 1/4 region corner parcel landscapes. Now I have added a half sim surround edition and a sim edge environment edition of the Hebrides landscape to my store as well.

The Hebrides Sim Edge Environment [6.0] with HUD

The half sim surround edition can be used along one side of a single region or several combined regions. It has two landscape designs (small islands and bigger islands), and both designs come in baked texture sets of all four seasons. The half sim surround is about 1 km wide (close to a stretch of 4 sims).

The Hebrides Half Sim Surround [6.0] with HUD. It's about 4 sims wide, and works perfect along a small continent

The sim edge environment comes in the same designs and baked seasonal texture sets, but is significantly smaller: its width is only about 250 meters, close to the width of a single region. It can be used along any region side that has off-sim water.

One of the winter designs

These new landscape items can be purchased here. Of course, there are also free demos available.

Sahara Desert Surround

Last December I've released a new sim surround: the Sahara Desert. It has normal maps (increased landscape detail when Advanced Lighting is enabled) and seven baked texture setups. The desert sands continue right up until the sim borders, but the sim itself is completely open, This makes it possible to merge your own sim terrain with the surround at the borders, and then create your own dunes or a lake or oasis on your sim by terraforming, without being obstructed by the surround.

Sahara Desert surround with open center

Sahara Desert surround with terraformed sim terrain with matching textures

With your Sahara Desert surround you also get a texture pack with 36 terrain textures that you can use for texturing your sim terrain. It won't be too difficult to find texture combinations that work well with the surround.

Matching terrain textures

You can get the surround here. There is also a free demo available.

A wintery "desert" scene. All baked texture setups can be combined with palm trees as well

Friday, November 25, 2016

New Release: Mesh Terrains & Sky Water

Mesh terrains

I've just released a set of five solid (walkable) mesh terrains. Get demos or the real ones here. They each consist of 16 meshes (size 64x64 meters) and cover the area of one complete region. They can be used as terrain at ground level (like I have on my sim, to mix with regular terrain) or as terrain for additional levels in the sky. Soon we will be able to use a lot more prims on our sims and homesteads because of rising land allowance. Using these mesh terrains i nthe sky might be a great way to use the extra resources, without increasing lag at ground level!

By using the HUD you can easily change the textures from one season to the other (four baked texture sets that match terrain shapes can be chosen) or apply another texture from the HUD. Each mesh can be copied and modified, so ytou will always be able to use your own textures if you wish.

The baked texture sets match perfectly with the ones of the version 6.0 sim surround landscapes. This makes it super easy to get one complete, matching look and feel for your entire surroundings. On top of that, a set of additional terrain textures allows you to texture other land items on your build accordingly. I've added normal maps to the meshes as well, to emphasize natural land forms. Make sure to enable Advanced Lighting to see their effect.

Four of these five mesh terrains already have flat terraces to offer an easy way to build houses. Part of the package is also a set of three mesh terraces that can easily be sunken into the landscape to provide additional flat living space (also modifiable).

Animated sky water

Also, I now have animated, reflective sky water available in my store. It comes in two sizes: 1x1 km, which works well with regular sim surrounds, and 255x255 m, a little bit smaller than the size of one region. Like the mesh terrains, this water uses Advanced Lighting to get the reflective effect.

Demos of both packages are available in my store. Please use them to your advantage!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

New 1/4 Sim Corner Parcel Landscapes released

I've released eight off-sim landscapes meant for 1/4 sim (or homestead) corner parcels. The designs correspond to the latest version 6 sim surround landscapes, released in March 2016.

Some of their properties:

  • All textures have normal maps, which means shadows are sharper and lighting is much better with more details;
  • All textures match perfectly with the land forms. Waterlines are horizontal, like they are in the physical world;
  • Waterfalls have a natural shape, have a low-lag type of animation, and have normal maps to make them look 3D;
  • All landscapes have baked texture sets for four seasons (except the Tropical Paradise, which has four scenes instead of seasons). Switching from one to the other is easy by using the HUD;
  • There are more off-sim trees than ever before, as a result of using a billboard technique. As many as 42 trees are shown by one single mega prim. The trees have normal maps as well, which makes them appear fully 3D. The trees are alpha masked, which means they do not cause alpha sorting problems ("alpha glitch"). Pine trees for all seasons and palm trees can be chosen by HUD (not on LITE landscapes);
  • 31 Matching terrain textures are included, for all seasons: perfect to make your sim terrain match the off-sim surroundings;
  • An advanced menu lets you remove all scripts after deploy;
  • They do not obstruct any kind of sitting animation (unscripted sit, multi-sit), nor will they cause spikes of lag on your sim.
Normal maps can only be seen when Advanced Lighting is switched on (Graphics section of your Preferences).

You can purchase the FAT PACK here on the Marketplace. It will be discounted by 50% until (and including) Sunday October 2, 2016.